A New View

cXc Music uses listeners’ UPvotes to power geotemporal algorithms capable of tracking music tastes and trends locally, over any time period.

Our algorithms show you the most-loved music from any place in the world, at any time.*

*- From June 21, 2019 forward

Time to love

Show your appreciation for art in a way that rewards the creators.

All cXc apps generate currency for creators. 

an economy based on time, equality & free choice

Changing the way ideas move, decisions are made, and people connect, is being modernized using blockchain, geography, and time.

cXc Music is the first app to use


Here's how it all fits together

Local Exposure

cXc Music (Beta) will include searchable city, county, and state data for United States. Each unit has it's own charts Other nations will have only one chart for now, but will have cities added soon.

UPs Matter

Upvotes (UPs) reward creators, and make their content appear bigger on the map and higher in the charts. With 288 UPs allowed per person per day, grassroots movements of fans can a difference on what music their peers are exposed to.


Songs on local charts grow to larger charts, cities, states, and nations, like leaves grow to branches, and branches to the trunk of the tree. Each song has equal opportunity to grow on Purple's fractal propagation system.

Triangular Currency System

cXc Mapps use an economic system called Purple. Purple is the first to use free time-limited UPvoting, creating a positive-energy economy. This system uses a fair democratic vote to directly reward the creators of content 1:1 with any persons vote. Furthermore, each persons daily vote is worth the same, no matter their position.

New Ma+h

You will see base-12 as an integral part of cXc and Purple. Time units are 5 minutes (12 an hour, 288 a day), and each Sol and Blue chip are worth 288 votes, or 200 in base-12. Every 24 hours you can press a button to have your votes reset to 288 (Recharge Sol Chip). We plan to have an option to display numbers in base-12 app-wide.

More on cXc Music

cXc Mapps can be viewed on any device


rise and shine!!

Users can post music at the location it was recorded. . The content is then listed immediately on the chart, (though probably near the bottom). When the content gets voted UP, it’s circle will appear wider in size and it will move up the charts, gaining wider exposure.

cXc Music (Alpha)

cXc Music is now online in Alpha release! In this early version, you can post your music on the map, share it on Social Media and post any song to Steemit with an auto-generated post! We also have a simplified system already working, and the full version will be available starting in Beta.

Beta will include location searching, new and improved charts, a brand new UPing experience, and a fancy time machine. Beta is currently over 80% complete, and will be released this year. 

I present to you cXc Music (Alpha), embedded below!

If you find you can’t scroll past the map, use the scroll bar on the side to keep going.

Charts for 2020 & Beyond

Here's a sneak peak at charts in cXc Music (Beta)

More Mapps

Connecting the world one Mapp at a time. 

After cXc Music is fully-released (beyond Beta), Current X Change will release a suite of media apps, collectively called cXc Media.

cXc Media includes cXc MusiccXc VideocXc Lit (Literature, including poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama & more), cXc Art (including photos, illustrations, 3d models, crafts & more), cXc News, and cXc Games. All cXc Media applications will operate in a similar way to cXc Music, incorporating Purple and a similar Mapp interface. Each app will have its own “Sol”, but Purple will work across platforms.

Beyond cXc Media, cXc will release cXc IdeascXc Pueblo, and cXc Solutions starting in 2021. These three applications are designed to help save the planet by empowering those who wish to make a positive impact.

All cXc Mapps use Purple, the same geotemporal system, and incorporate third-party content.


Mapps allow ideas and media to propagate while benefiting the creator of content and the informed consumer. This system of exposure is designed to work flawlessly forever, anywhere on Earth, and to work with third party platforms, not in competition

Even More Mapps

We see many more Mapps in the future. Education, healthcare, community gatherings, solution generation, and any purpose that the principles of sharing applies. The possibilities are endless, as soon anyone will be able to make a Mapp that can integrate into Purple.

The Power of Purple

Meet the Chips

Sol Chip[600]


A Sol is a free votable currency that you spend by UPing content on cXc. Each user can have 1 Sol Chip max, and can unlock one for free every 24 hours.

One Sol is worth 288 UPs.
Blue Chip[600]


Blue is a votable currency earned by creators receiving votes on their content. When a user Sol UPs a song, the creator receives the same value in BLU. 

One Blue is worth 288 UPs.
Purple Icosohedron[600]


Purple is a Steem-based Smart Media Token that bridges the voting system with crypto & FIAT. PRP is traded with BLU, allowing creators to earn and purcasers to vote.

A purple is worth X amount of Blue Chips.

How Cryptovoting Works

About the Purple Token (PURPLE)

"Purple" is a system using PURPLE, a Smart Media Token on the Steem blockchain

Max Supply: 35,851,808
Blockchain: STEEM
Token Price: Starting at 1 USD / 1 PURPLE (limited release)

A Better Way to Launch Something Incredible

Instead of an ICO, we are giving PURPLE away for free to users of cXc Music. The first 1,000,000 Verified users of cXc Music (Beta) will receive at least 1 PURPLE each, with the opportunity to earn an uncapped amount through referrals.

PURPLE Giveaway: 2,987,650 Tokens (1/12 Total Supply)

After the giveaway, you will also be able to purchase PURPLE from the Market Maker at a set price of $1 USD. Periodically, we will release more PURPLE, increasing the price 12-fold each time, though the free market will determine the effective price of PURPLE. 

Learn More

cXc Mapp Release Dates

cXc Music Web App ~Launched~
(Dec 18, 2019)

cXc Music Mobile App ~Postponed*~
(Summer 2019)

cXc Media
Adds cXc Video, cXc Lit, cXc Art, cXc News, and cXc Games

cXc Ideas

cXc Solutions

cXc Pueblo

* –  A native mobile app has been pushed back until cXc Music goes fully live. We are currently moving from Alpha to Beta, but we may have another version after Beta before going fully live. 

Are you with us?

Calling All Creators, Changers, and Revolutionaries

Do you see the vision? Do you feel the vibrations from the future telling you this is a really good idea? Apply to become an ambassador*. As an ambassador you will be an autonomous promoter of Purple and Current X Change, including promoting and getting early release access to the app.

You will be rewarded with the opportunity to earn purple for every referral you make that purchased purple pre-ICO. You will also be able to buy purple at a slightly lower rate than the general public. 

All are welcome to take place in the bounty program. The bounty program includes promotional actions like social sharing, referring ambassadors, writing code, and creative rewards for posting about cXc. We also have contests worth thousands in PRP.

* - We are currently re-defining our bounty program, and will post an update on our Steemit blog when it re-launches. In the meantime, you can still follow the link below to apply.
purple rewarded to ambassadors & bounty hunters

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Read the Purple Paper to dive deep into the vision of the new democratic world.

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And of course, try out cXc Music (Alpha)


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..and here is a list of things you can do to help us out!!

You can earn purple, Xchange for purple, or buy purple. 

You can earn purple through our bounty and  ambassador programs. You can also earn purple for helping the launch of cXc Music and the Purple ICO 

You can Xchange for purple by trading blue you earn on any cXc app for purple. 

You can buy purple with ETH, BTC, Steem Dollars, USD and EUR here (link available during pre-sale). 

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