A New View

Purple is the first economy to use positive attention as the only metric to assign value to digital content.
We use 5-level Geodomains*, and 5-minute Time Units, enabling meaningful locality and temporal dexterity.

This lets our mapp cXc Music show you the most-loved music from any place in the world, at any time. And our listeners decide who tops the charts, every 5 minutes. (Beta Q1 2021)

*- City, County, and State charts only available in USA at launch. All national charts operational.

All cXc mapps generate currency for creators. 

an economy based on positive attention

Changing the way ideas move, decisions are made, and people connect using geography, time, and blockchain.

cXc Music is the first app to use


Earth's first Positive attention economy

Here's how it all fits together

Local Exposure

cXc Music (Beta) will include Top Music charts for every city, county, and state in the United States. Other nations will have national charts for now, with local charts coming to all according to how many active cXc.world users are there.

UPs Matter

Upvotes (UPs) reward creators and make their content appear bigger on the map and higher on the Top Music charts. With 288 UPs available to each person per day, grassroots fans can make a difference on what music their community is exposed to.


Songs on local charts grow to larger charts, cities, states, and nations, like leaves grow to branches, and branches to the trunk of the tree. Each song has equal opportunity to grow into a big tree, known throughout the land and sea.

Geometry + Base-12

Sol is a tetrahedron, Blu a merkaba, and PURPLE an icosahedron. A Big Up is 64 Sol, a 64-tetrahedron grid. You will see 12 as an integral part of cXc and Purple. Time units are 5 minutes (12 an hour, 288 a day), and each person can hold up to 288 Sol at a time. Every 12 hours you can press a button to recharge 144 Sol. Also, PURPLEs max supply is 12^7, and rewards and prices often follow this base-12 theme

More on cXc Music

cXc Mapps can be viewed on any device


rise and shine!!

Users can post music at the location it was recorded. . The content is then listed immediately on the chart, (though probably near the bottom). When the content gets voted UP, it’s circle will appear wider in size and it will move up the charts, gaining wider exposure.

cXc Music (Alpha)

cXc Music‘s latest release is Gold Version. You can post your music on the map, share it on Social Media and post any song to Hive with one click! We also have a simplified Up system working, with the full version available starting in Beta.

Beta includes location searching, new and improved charts, a brand new Up experience, and a fancy time machine. 

Peep cXc Music (Gold Version), embedded below!

NOTE: If you find you can’t scroll past the map, use the scroll bar on the side to keep going.

More Mapps

Connecting the world one Mapp at a time. 

After cXc Music is fully-released (beyond Beta), Current X Change will release a suite of media apps, collectively called cXc Media.

cXc Media includes cXc MusiccXc VideocXc Lit (Literature, including poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama & more), cXc Art (including photos, illustrations, 3d models, crafts & more), cXc News, and cXc Games. All cXc Media applications will operate in a similar way to cXc Music, incorporating Purple and a similar Mapp interface. Purple will work across platforms, using the same SOL, BLUx, and PURPLE tokens on WAX.

Beyond cXc Media, cXc will release cXc IdeascXc Pueblo, and cXc Solutions starting in 2022. These three applications are designed to empower those who wish to make a positive impact.

All cXc Mapps use Purple to organize third-party content (Youtube, etc), so we’ll be integrating rather than re-creating Web 2 on Web 3.


Mapps allow ideas and media to propagate while benefiting the creator and the receiver. This system of exposure is designed to run forever, everywhere on Earth, and to work with leading media platforms, not in competition.

Even More Mapps

We see many more Mapps in the future. Education, healing, gardens, community gatherings, solution generation, and any purpose where principles of sharing apply. The possibilities are endless, as soon anyone will be able to make a Mapp that can integrate Purple.

The Power of Purple

Meet the Chips

Sol Chip[600]


A Sol is a one unit of Positive Attention, burnt to Up content on cXc.world. A Solar Disk NFT can hold 288 Sol max, and can recharge 144 for free every 12 hours.

One SOL = One Sol Up
Blue Chip[600]


Blu is used to reward people for actions on cXc.world, including receiving Sol Ups on the'r content, and Upping content they like. Blu Ups count just like Sol Ups, but Blux Ups aren't considered in Purple Rewards algorithms.

One BLU = One Blu Up
Purple Icosohedron[600]


Purple is stakable on Everstones that Up content 1+ time per day. Everstones keep content alive forever, because only content with Ups in the selected time-span are displayed.

One PURPLE = Level One Everstone

Add Your Music

About the PURPLE Token

PURPLE is a Scarce + Stakable for daily BLUX or Blu Ups.

Max Supply: 35,851,808
Issued: 478,691 
Blockchain: WAX 
Contract: purplepurple 
Contract Type: eosio.token – 8 digit precision 
Token Price: Starting at 20 WAX / 1 PURPLE

Support Artists + fund this project by buying PURPLE

PURPLE is now available via Swap and Exchange on Alcor, an EOSIO DEX without fees. You can also trade USDT / PURPLE 

Learn more about our economy, or how to purchase PURPLE with USD / Credit Card, review our Purple Explainer

About the BLUX Token

BLUX is abundant. One BLUX is used for one Blu Up.

Max Supply: Practically Infinite
Blockchain: WAX 
Contract Type: eosio.token – 0 digits 
Smart Contract: bluxbluxblux 

Earn BLUX on cXc.world

BLUX is not sold to raise funds, but you can buy from those who earn it on Alcor Exchange.

cXc Mapp Release Dates

cXc Music Web App ~Launched~
(Dec 18, 2018)

cXc Music Mobile App ~Postponed*~
(Summer 2019)

cXc Media
Adds cXc Video, cXc Lit, cXc Art, cXc News, and cXc Games

cXc Ideas

cXc Solutions

cXc Pueblo

* –  A native mobile app has been pushed back until cXc Music goes fully live. We are currently moving from Alpha to Beta.

Are you with us?

Calling All Creators, Changers, and Revolutionaries

Do you see the vision? Do you feel vibrations getting you hyped to be a part of this new wave?

Don't miss the bus. Come be a part of the community!

If you make music, we've got tools on Discord to help you collaborate with other musicians, and to get your music heard.

If you just want to learn more, talk to the founder, be a part of the PURPLE economy, and be a part of a growing movement, follow the link below and introduce yourself to the cXc Music community.
purple available on alcor april 17, 2021

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Great! Learn more about cXc’s vision here.

Read the Purple Explainer to learn everything our economy.

And of course, SHARE YOUR MUSIC on cXc Music (Note: Always post music near the recording location)

Don’t trip! It’s easy to get PURPLE for WAX on Alcor DEX or instantly with DeFi swap

For full info + legal, plus instructions on buying PURPLE with USD, visit the Purple Explainer

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