Current X Change Ambassador Program

Express yourself fully and freely. Shine your light on planet Earth.

Here you can apply to be a cXc ambassador. Before you apply, keep reading and see if the ambassador program fits your lifestyle and aligns with your vibe.

What is a cXc Ambassador?

We are musicians and music lovers Starting a revolution.✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊

A cXc Ambassador is an official representative of the Current X Change & cXc Music application.

Ambassadors have the power to hold official cXc Music events, promote their and other’s music for free, earn PRP, and more (explained below.)

Ambassador: a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.

Read Our Vision & Plan to Arrive There

Want to learn more? Check out our website / white paper.


Being an ambassador comes with a title, following the format of [Genre] Ambassador of [Location], for example, I am the OG Hip Hop Ambassador of Deep Creek Lake, MD. OG means I was the first ambassador from my city.

Fun Things

Some awesome things you can do as an ambassador.

Post Your Music ? ?

Get on the Mapp!! While the app is still months away, we are planning to start collecting music links from ambassadors as early as January, so you will be the first in the spotlight when the app launches.

Post Other’s Music ?

Posting music from local musicians is a huge way to help out your brothers. When they sign up, they will receive all the Blue that their content earned.

Hold Events ? ? ?

Plan some sweet events for the cXc Music launch. Ambassadors are able to throw official cXc events, prominent on the app.

Attend Events ? ? ?

And go to these events!

Collab ??

Make some music with the people you meet through cXc Music! I can’t wait to hear all the awesome that comes from awesome people coming together.

Listen ?

Listen to and support your local music scene, and spin the globe to find new music anywhere

Help out the Team

You are in no way obligated to help, but we would love your input in the project, and will ask for your feedback and support in the future. We are growing our team and look forward to building our tribe. Join us!

Ambassador Benefits

As a cXc Music ambassador, you will get the opportunity to network with all types of musicians and listeners in your area. You will get to talk to, meet and lead others to success on cXc Music and beyond. Events? Check. Local music? Check. Making music? Check. Collabs? Check.

Bounty-ful Abundance ?

If you join our 3,000,000 PRP bounty program you will receive double stakes just for being an ambassador.

Swag & Sound ?

5% of the cXc budget will be used to support cXc Music ambassadors, including sponsoring events and giving free official cXc products to ambassadors. These free products include shirts, stickers and more. We want to help you throw events in your area, so we will be sponsoring the best events that bring people together around music.

Throw cXc Events ?

Ambassadors can organize official events. These events get free boosted exposure on the app. Throwing a cXc event is a great way to collab with other artists and fans in your genre. You could hold an open jam, inviting musicians to come, promote an event you were already playing, or just rock out in a public place. You now have direct contact with all local music event seekers. Absolutely free.

Note: Events are not yet available on cXc Music (Alpha) yet

Let’s make this Official

To become an ambassador, you must complete this application to show you are down to raise the vibrations. We aren’t looking for affiliates to sell a product, we are looking for brothers of light to shine love on the planet together.

You can access the application here, or fill it our below

Each ambassador application is personally reviewed and approved by Current X Change founder, Douglas James.

The Only Thing We Require ❤

As an ambassador, you are in charge of being joyful and spreading joy and peace. You are expected to maintain a loving attitude, a positive view of the future of the planet, and to disengage from fear, lack, and fighting of any kind, including fighting the fear and lack in society. We are building the new world here, and do not have energy to waste fighting the old one. Time will take care of that. By putting all of our energy forward to the New World, we will manifest in the most joyous and rapid way possible. So let’s ignore the bad guys, laugh if they try to invoke us, and focus all our energy on spreading joy and peace.

Final Words ✈️

It’s up to you to convey the vision of the new world that we can create together. Take this light, this inspiration, this love, this joy, and run with it as far as you can, shining it on the hearts of men, showing them a future free from bureaucracy, oligarchy, and oppression of the creator through corporate and economic barriers to entry.

You now have the power and title to unite musicians in your area. I can’t wait to see where this takes us, as musicians, as fans, as creators. 
Let’s make some awesome.

Love & Light,

Douglas James
Founder & Chief Visionary
Current X Change LLC

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