The Current X Change ICO Bountiful Program

The biggest and best promotional ICO bounty program ever to hit the tubes. Promote a bright future on Earth and earn a part of ~$3,000,000 USD in PRP.

WE Are The World!

Welcome to the Biggest Bounty Program Ever.

cXc was manifested in the spirit of unity, love, and collaboration. We believe we are all one, and we are all going the same place. The system is a catalyst for worldwide love, and we are showing some love (and receiving some love) by letting you earn PRP for sharing your excitement about Current X Change, Purple cryptovoting system, and cXc Music.

We want the whole world involved in this, the greatest social experiment of our time: “What will the collective choose when given the chance to control what information is broadcast?” So share as widely as you can!!

How The Bountiful Program works

There are several bounty pools, each worth a certain amount of the token purple (PRP). You earn stakes in a pool by completing the defined actions in each pool. When the ICO is over, the stakes in each pool are added up, and the pool amount is divided by the total number of stakes to determine the value of each stake.

In addition to pools, there are some actions that are worth a set amount of purple, and some contests worth a set amount of purple for the winner.

referral program will also take place, with each referrer earning a generous 10% of the amount referred (by amount of tokens purchased) for the entirety of the ICO.

In total, 1/12 of the max supply, (= 2,985,984), will be rewarded in bonus programs, not including the referral program.

How much money can I make?

1 PRP is worth 1 USD, so 1,000 PRP reward is worth $1,000 USD. And as more cXc apps are released, this may skyrocket. The total supply of steem-based PRP is less than twice that of Bitcoin, so it is poised to become an extremely valuable coin as Mapps become commonplace.

The future supply of PRP is designed to be one token per verified user of the system (after 35 million users, read more about this in the Purple Paper), so we can postulate that if the Mapps get big, the value will be similar to those mentioned in this article. Even if it only reaches the smallest value on the list, Yelp, that’s a very bountiful program worth 75 million USD, and contests worth up to a small house.

Reward Pools

Please note: Pool sizes are estimates, based on percentages. Because of set-amount rewards, they may change, but not a lot.

Social Media ~ 1,000,000 PRP

Like a post: 1 stake
Share on Timeline: 5 stakes
Share to a group: 5 stakes per Group
Comment: 3 stakes
Change Profile Picture to cXc Logo or other cXc picture: 100 stakes
Change Cover Photo to One-pager: 100 stakes
Invite Friends to Like Page: 1 stake per invite

Note: You don’t have to keep the profile picture or cover photo set, but if you delete it you will be disqualified.

Follow: 2 stakes
Tweet #currentxchange: 3 stakes

Resteem a post: 3 stakes
Follow: 3 stakes

Invite Friends to Telegram Group: 1 Stake Per Invite

Post cXc Link or Write about on Reddit: 1 stake per Upvote

Bitcoin Talk
Post with cXc signature: 10 stakes per post. Must keep the signature minimum of 1 month and until the end of the ICO.

Double Stakes ?!?
Earn Double stakes for sharing one of our medium articles, so 10 stakes for a Facebook share and 6 stakes for a tweet, and 2 stakes per Reddit upvote.

Content Creation ~ 1,100,000 PRP (total)

Article Writing — 500,000 PRP

Medium Article: 10 stakes +1 stake per 10 claps
Steemit: 10 stakes + 1 stake per UP

On Your Own Website

Alexa Rank < 10,000,000: 50 stakes
Alexa Rank < 1,000,000: 500 stakes
Alexa Rank < 100,000: 3,000 stakes
Other Writing Websites: 10–100 stakes, subjective.

Note: You can post the same article on multiple websites and earn stakes for each one.

Video Creation — 500,000 PRP 10 stakes + 1 stake per UP
Youtube: 10 stakes + 1 stake per Like
Other Video Sites: 10, + 1 per like-like action.

Note: You can post the same video on multiple websites and earn stakes for each one.

Shout Out Pool ~ 700,000 PRP

This pool is for people who can get the word out and reach a lot of people. This pool can be entered ONLY for people reaching over 10,000 people with a single mention, shoutout, video, article, etc. You can enter actions you have already entered in other pools here if they get over 10,000 views.

Any Platform / TV / News / ETC

Any Shoutout = 1 stake per 1,000 reach

Shout Out Rules

Current X Change reserves the right to decide what counts for this pool. To be accepted, you should mention Current X Change, Purple, and/or CXC Music. Also, adding our logo with a link to is a surefire way to get accepted, even if you didn’t verbally mention us in the video.

If you put a logo and link at the end of a music video that reaches 1,000,000 views, you will be rewarded 1,000 stakes. If you do an interview with me for your blog, and it gets over 10,000 views, you can enter it. Anything counts, no restrictions. Stakes will be tallied in the month following the ICO end, so your views add up until then. To gain rewards, you must be the creator of the content.

Contest Rewards

Longest time with one pager as Cover Photo — 1000 PRP

Most viewed video on youtube — 5,000 PRP

Most viewed video on — 5,000 PRP

Most clapped Medium article — 5,000 PRP

Most UPped Steemit article tagged first currentXchange — 5,000 PRP

Most Tweets (Must have 3x number of combined stars and retweets than number of tweets to qualify) — 3,000 PRP

Most Referral Token Sales (by tokens) — 5,000 PRP (on top of regular 10% bonus)

Most Ambassador Referrals — 5,000 PRP

Contest Rules

To enter the Facebook cover photo contest, you must have a minimum of 500 Facebook friends, and be active on Facebook (three posts per week). The winner will be announced June 21, 2019.

Rules defined under Qualifying Posts (see Fine Print below) also apply here.

Set Amount Rewards

Recruit Ambassador: 10 PRP

Recruit Celebrity Ambassador: 10–1,000 PRP

Recruiting Advisor: 200 PRP

Refer Team Member: 1,000 PRP

Recruiting Celebrity Ambassadors

Recruiting celebrities is something we need to succeed. Wouldn’t it be cool to be the person who told Jaden Smith or Post Malone about cXc Music? You can pitch a celebrity about the system and if they sign up to be an ambassador you will earn between 10–10,000 Purple. How do we decide the 10–10,000? Celebrities will be judged on how much they help (1–100) times how famous they are (1–100). This is subjective and up to the team to decide. Limit

Receiving Recruitment Rewards

To receive this bonus, the ambassador must fill out the field of referral username on their ambassador application. Otherwise, we have no way to know if you are really the one who caused them to sign up.

Rebel Rewards

What if you didn’t follow the guidelines, but still want stakes? You can still include the links in the corresponding Google form, and we may decide to give you some stakes! We are all about coloring outside the lines, and if we see valuable promotion we will reward it fairly!!

Ambassadors Earn 2x Stakes

Really feeling the project? Wanna earn 2x stakes? Apply to be an ambassador!!

You don’t have to be an ambassador, but ambassadors make twice the stakes as non-ambassadors do, so it’s worth looking into. To get in, your core beliefs must align with love and oneness. The ambassador program is for the brightest lovelights on the planet, and you will get special powers/responsibilities on the app when cXc Music 1becomes available in June 2019.

Wear the Clothes of cXc / Purple

Purchasers of official cXc / Purple clothing are eligible to receive 50–70% of their purchase back as Purple.

Clothing Link:

To receive a 50% reward, you must post a picture of yourself wearing the clothes on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Steemit). If you give us permission to repost your picture, you will receive a 70% reward.

(We will add the form on 22 September, the official launch)

Please Note: The price of 1 USD / PRP will be used for this discount, regardless of when you purchase the clothing. To qualify, clothes must be purchased by the end of the ICO campaign. If the item does not arrive before Jun 21, 2018, you will still receive the reward in good faith you will show it off.

Good news! This also applies to ALL products on the page, including everything from stickers to duvet covers.

The Fine Print

Steemit username

To take part in the bounty program, you must have a steemit username. If you don’t, you can head over here to signup. and sign up for a free account. Note: It may take weeks (UPDATE: after HF20, it only takes a few days) to get your free account, but you are good to go as soon as you reserve your ID. Just put your reserved ID in the form when you use it.

About Stake Counting

Some of the contest is automatically run through the ICO page on our website. All other rewards you will have to submit to the form below. Don’t worry, its super easy, just pasting a link in most cases.

Automatically Registered Activities (through ICO homepage, Launching soon)

Sharing, liking, and commenting on Facebook page posts and liking the page.

Follow / Retweets on Twitter.

Follow / Resteem on Steemit

Qualifying Posts

Medium and Steemit articles must tag currentXchange (or current x change) and one of the following tags: purple, cXc, cXcmusic (or cXc music). Capitalization not needed.

On Facebook, the shared post must be from our page , or, or our Medium publication to qualify.

Qualifying posts may be about cXc Music, Current X Change or Purple. We do not regulate what you say about cXc / Purple / Current X Change, however, we will not honor posts we deem hateful, negative, or derogatory towards any person or group. Articles must be at least 1/3 about one or all of these topics. This means that, for example, you can compare Purple to two other systems, but if you do 3 others, it doesn’t qualify.

Reporting Your Bonus Activities

Here are the links to report your bonus activities that are not automatically given to you

Sign Up for Bounty Program (Pre-Release)

Facebook Cover Photo or Profile Picture Bounty

Submit an Article from any service, including your own blog

Submit a Video from any service

Reddit Posts

Remember, you must report all activates by July 20, 30 days after the program. We will remind you after the ICO to report your activities.

Or, Fill them out here

Distribution of Bounty Tokens

Bounty tokens will be distributed 36–42 days after June 21, 2019, starting July 27, 2019. Users have 30 days to submit their non-automatically registering bounty activities (August 20). The remaining days will be used by the team to tally up everyone’s votes and send out the PRP.

That’s All, Folks!!

Love & Light,

Douglas James
Founder & Chief Visionary
Current X Change LLC

White Paper | One Pager | cXc Music (Alpha)

Telegram | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Discord

Bounty Program | Ambassador Program

cXc Music Kickstarter

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