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Sol Chip
Blue Chip
Purple (PRP)

Purple was designed to save the World.

That’s the first thing you should know about Purple.

The second thing you should know is Purple is used to run Mapps, (mapping apps) that geographically curate third-party content. Purple organizes content on these Mapps, allowing content to bubble-up to global exposure in a fractal, democratic, and temporal (time-relevant) manner.

Learn more about the first Mapp, cXc Music.

Top 12 charts are an important part of Mapps that show the best content in any area, big or small. Mapps can display much more than just Top 12 charts. Top 12 charts are the default display for an area, and used for keeping statistics about the popularity of content, but Mapps can show much more, including the most Big UPs, newest content, content from multiple areas, and content that meets certain criteria (like genre and mood for cXc Music). In addition, Mapps display user-created public events.

Purple Cryptovoting’s Triangular system

A three token (chip) system allows a fair, democratic voting system. Only one token purple (PRP),is blockchain based, the other are internal to each Mapp. Sol, a freely distributed, non-monetary unit of votes is given on a daily use-it-or-lose-it basis. Sol chips are only valuable when voted, its only function. An intermediary coin, Blue(BLU), allows those creators who receive votes on their content to collect voting power that doesn’t expire. Inflation is not an issue however, because once Sol is voted it is received as Blue, which is equally valuable to vote, but destroyed when voted². Blue can be voted, held, or sold to people who want to buy votable BLU with PRP.

This system allows creators to influence the system with the votes they receive, or make real money by trading BLU for PRP and then PRP for any other crypto or FIAT currency. Creators, no matter how big or small, can start making money (or accruing voting power if the prefer) just by making content that gets votes. They are funded by those people who UP (vote on) their content. You can see an overview in the following diagram, and a detailed explanation below.

Purple Cryptovoting in 60 Seconds

Here you can see the path of that free Sol UPs go through to become real money for the uploader.

Sol Chips

Sol (Sol Chip, SOL) is the amount of voting power a person has per day. A person can hold up to 1 Sol Chip at a time, never more. Each user given ½ a Sol Chip every 12 hours if they have space to receive it. Sol cannot be transferred or traded.

Sols have rays that represent 24 UPs. These disappear as you UP, and come back when your SOL refills.

Sol is equivalent to 288 UPs (200 in base 12). An UP is a vote, and a Big UP is 144 votes, a half of days votes. 288 is also the amount of 5 minute voting cycles in the day. Not a coincidence. One Blue chip and Sol Chip are both equivalent to the UP power of one user over one day. A user can vote these UPs as they wish, on any content including content they post.¹ If they want to vote more in a day, BLU is the only way.

Big UPs have no greater significance in the charting algorithm than UPing 144 individual times, but they are tracked and displayed alongside the votes to show how many people REALLY like something. There is a sort option called “Biggest” that only takes Big UPs into account. Big UPs are also used to allow people to declare themselves Big Fans of an artist or song. When a person gives 2 Big UPs to a piece of content, they become a Big Fan of the song. When they give 2 Big UPs to six different pieces of content from one artist, they become a Big Fan of the artist.

This means to become a Big Fan of an artist takes 3 days worth of SOL, and to be a Big Fan of a song takes 1 day. Big Ups and being a Big Fans are very meaningful.

As you spend your SOL, you can see it start to disappear.

¹-Self-voted Sol UPs do not give the user BLU, rather they return to the app, allowing the app to sell these as Sol refills make the FIAT money needed to run the platform. Sol refills sold as in-app purchases for 1 USD. This is the quickest way to buy voting power, and positions BLU to have a high perceived value, making the Purple exchange system more attractive for all parties. Sol refills have an advantage over purchasing Blue because the user can Big Up.

Blue Chips

Blue Chip (Blue, BLU) has the exact same voting power as Sol, 288 UPs, but a user can acquire any amount of Blue Chips.

A user acquires a blue when they receive Sol UPs or trade PRP. The only limitation to this is the user must receive Sol UPs on their content from another user. Otherwise a creator could vote on their own content everyday and collect BLU, which is indirectly worth FIAT or cryptocurrency.

When Blue Chips are voted they are not transferred, they are destroyed². This ensures that BLU always remains valuable, and does not occur inflation. This also prevents the transfer of power from one party to another back and forth. Users can also view how many times a content was UPed using BLU and SOL individually, adding to the integrity of the system.

An interesting consideration to the system is dealing with music that users do not create but want to share. Anyone can post their own music on the cXc Music, which is verified by being signed in via the APIs of Youtube, Soundcloud or Spotify. They can also post the music of anyone in the world, but they will not receive any Blue Chips for the votes received, and the music will not appear on their profile. The votes received are stored in a pseudo-account that records the users ID on the service. This generated account appears like a regular account, but displays “Unclaimed” on the profile. This account will accrue Blue Chips indefinitely until the true owner, verified by linking their account to the associated Spotify, Youtube or Soundcloud account, signs in, automatically claiming their Blue Chips.

A user cannot vote a Big UP with a BLU. This makes Big UPs an incorruptible way to see how many people are really fucking with it.

²- 1/3 of Blue chips that are voted are collected to be given to moderators (called Guardians) on a per-moderation basis.


purple (PurpleChips or PRP) is the only token (SMT) on the Steem blockchain. These chips are purchased for cryptocurrency or FIAT and spent on Blue Chips which are then voted, resold, or held. purple is the only of the three with actual FIAT value, and the only one listed on external cryptocurrency exchanges. The BLU/PRP exchange is ran by Current X Change. The word Purple, with a capital P, refers to the whole three chip system and lowercase purple refers to just the SMT token.

Any third party app incorporating Purple will only involve the purplecurrency, PRP, not BLU or SOL. Third party applications are given a framework to incorporate similar tokens to their own Purple-basedsystems.

 Purple (with a big P, all three chips) will work in similar voting applications (Mapps) produced by Current X Change LLC in the future, expanding into all aspects of art, idea sharing, solution generation and more. Until these applications emerge, the primary use forpurple is buying exposure for content on cXc Media, starting with cXc Music.

Learn more about the Mapps we have planned.

Sacred Geometry art by Purple’s creator Douglas James

Sacred Origins

Purple is symbolic for the love of the universe. Sol is the daylight we receive from the Sun, and UPs are sharing good vibrations with someone. Blue represents the positive impact that vibe has on the recipient, and purple represents the manifestation of that vibration on the physical plane.

Base 12 is used as the cornerstone of Purple. 2(12²) is the total amount of UPs in a Sol and Blue Chip, and every Sol refill is 12² chips. Big Ups are also 12² UPs. The time units are 2(12²) per day, or 12 an hour (5 minutes a unit). Charts are Top 12 charts (although any number of results can be set when searching).

Read about the many benefits of the dozenal system here

The number 12 is integral to the workings of this universe, and can be seen repeatedly in religious texts, such as the 12 apostles, 12 major Greek and Roman gods, 12 titan children of Gaia and Uranus, 12 tribes of Israel. Also, we have 12 pairs of cranial nerves and, many believe, 12 chakras.

3d Metatron’s Cube

The Shapes

The shapes of the chips in the Purple system are sacred geometry shapes.

Sol is a tetrahedron, representing the element fire. An infinite tetrahedron, with the point extending into infinity, connects all things in the universe, something like a primary force carrier. This, fueled by attention (love), connects us with the reality we are perceiving. The same happens with Sol Ups, we (as a collective) focus our attention and the music becomes closer to us, showing up on wider charts.

Blue is the Star Tetrahedron, also called the merkaba or Stella Octangula, two of these tetrahedrons together, one up and one down. Googling Merkaba may lead you down a lifelong road of understanding the universe. For Purple’s purposes, this shape represents a stabilized form of attention, a toroidal love bubble.

Purple is an icosahedron, with 20 planes and 12 vertices. The icosahedron (water element) is the largest (by sides) of the Platonic solids, and if you connect the center of all the planes, you will get the dodecahedron (12 faces, spirit element). Purple represents the universal connection, the ability for reality to reflect back what is perceived, making multiple realities not only possible, but necessary. This idea is in all Mapps, as different viewers will see a different display depending on where they are.

Finally, all of these shapes fit into the Metatron’s cube, which you saw floating at the beginning of this section.

What was that about Saving the World?

Purple is designed in tandem with Mapps to redistribute power in a fractal fashion. What this power is depends on the app. For cXc Music, musicians gain the power to be seen globally, and the listeners get the power to decide who gets this exposure. cXc Media does the same for all kinds of creators. Using cXc Ideas, anyone has the power to manifest an idea by sharing it freely, gaining support, expertise, people, and resources to make it real. With cXc Solutions, every person has the power to suggest, vote on, and be a part of solutions that can help their community and their planet.

cXc Pueblo is the boldest example of power shifting to the people. Most people associate power with political office, and with the law of the land. cXc Pueblo offers a free framework that communities can adopt as a supplement or alternative to the current system of government. Whatever shape government takes in the future, cXc Pueblo will be an active part or an influencer of that system.

To “save the world” is an abstract phrase. It implies that the world needs to be saved. We believe that we are all on a divine path of learning and growth, learning about ourselves as one with the universe. Ideas like this are in nearly every belief system, yet have little impact on today’s world dominated by competition, illusionary separation, and illusionary scarcity.

Purple can save the world by bring abundance to those who see the world as it is. Purple empowers creators to create, and we are confident that the creations with the true divine spark will be given the opportunity to shine so that they may enlighten the planet through the consciousness of the individual.


Why would I want to invest in PRP? How is Purple valuable?

We want you to invest in PRP because you see the vision and how this project will change the world, empowering the people to break free of the hierarchical system, empowering creators and brightening the planet.

Not on the peaceful-warrior-of-light plane yet? Here’s why it’s a good investment.

Purple is valuable because it is the only way to influence the charting system with money. Purple will be valuable in cXc Music, and even more as each cXc app is released. Demand increase raises the value of the token, no matter if the demand is on cXc Media or cXc Ideas, or a third party app. Increase in demand will make PRP more valuable, and help artists get paid more for sharing their creations.

Disclaimer: We in no way promise a future value of Purple. We can promise the utility of this token on our applications. You decide if you believe in this utility, and in this project when you purchase the token.

Why is the word “chip” used instead of “token”?

Technically, purple is the only blockchain-based token on Purple. Blue and Sol are not tokens, they are internal to the system. Blue and Sol may become tokens in the future, but the amount of transactions required to refill everyone’s Sol chip, not to mention voting, may bog down even the Steem blockchain.

Why the word “chip”? Several reasons. It sounds cool. Chips can be broken down into many pieces, and I like the metaphor of placing a bet on the content you want to succeed.

Why isn’t Blue a SMT also ?

It may be in the future. For now, this is to avoid bogging down the blockchain. Also, creation of Blue through action-based inflation is not supported in the current SMT specification. To mint, transfer, and burn BLU anytime someone votes is very resource intensive for a blockchain, but can be done very cheaply on a cXc servers. The ideological disadvantage of this is it requires trust in the cXc system (centralization), though this is lessened by the fact that all transactions are tracked and publicly available. We do intend to remove trust from this system in the future (decentralize), although now it seems best to wait until our own blockchain implementation, planned for when we reach around 35 million verified users of Purple Cryptovoting. We discuss this in the Purple Paper.

How can I buy PRP?

You can buy PRP at our presale on 11/11/18. The ICO will start 12/21/18. Learn more at We are looking for a few early investors to fund the development of our ICO platform. You can find more info at the above link.

Let’s get there together

Learn about our Ambassador Program and our Bountiful Program. We built these programs to empower you to ignite our shared vision, and to reward you for your efforts.

Love & Light,

Douglas James
Founder & Chief Visionary
Current X Change LLC

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