Meet cXc Music

Where local music is heard globally

cXc Music will launch as an iPhone, Android, and web app.

The web app is now online

This page features mock-ups for the mobile app, but the web app works just fine on mobile too!

Map Display

Map Display is the shining feature of cXc Maps.

Top 3 results show pictures, and the rest of the results are dots with the brightness corresponding to the amount of UPs (or other search parameters).

You can set autopilot to move around the map freely, loading results of whatever location you fly to, or manually choose locations in the options.

Chart & List Displays

Expanded Display allows you to play music with one click
Medium Display gives links to the content
Chart Display shows many songs at once


Find music by Zip Code, City, County, Area, State, Region, Nation, and Global. Every location will have its own charts, so you can see the best music anywhere, anytime.

We will start in the USA, and quickly expand all over the world

Look for events, music, or both.
Pick your favorite genre, or show all.
Set a mood. Every song also has a mood the uploader can select. Only show the moods you want.

Go with the default, the top 12 by UPs, or set your own parameters to search. You can choose to display the newest, the biggest (most Big UPs), the closest, the most UPs,

Adding Music

Promote your music for free on cXc Music

Uploading music is as simple as pasting a link or selecting from your linked Youtube, Spotify, or Soundcloud account.

Want to post music you didn't create? Great! Any music that doesn't come from your linked accounts will create a pseudo account for the creator. Any Blue earned by the song will be held until the owner links their Youtube, Spotify, or Soundcloud account.

What's UP

with voting

Voting on cXc Mapps is super fun.

On content displays you will see the UP icon. You can UP the song by tapping, or hold to get all Action Icons (look left).

A Big Up is worth 144 UPs, can make a user a Big Fan, and is included in a display option (Biggest Songs).

Blue UPs allow you to spend the UPs you have received from others on content you created.

Sharing is straightforward. A dialogue will pop up allowing you to share.

You have 288 UPs per day. Clicking anything 288 times would get tiresome, so we designed something awesome, called Spirit Fingers!!!


Spirit Fingers allow you to tap anywhere on the screen when activated, allowing you to express your love in a physical (and spiritual) way. To activate Spirit Fingers, triple-tap and hold. Stop tapping for 2 seconds and Spirit Fingers will deactivate.

Also, if you want to UP quickly, you can double-tap and hold to UP at a rate of 12 UPs per second.


Free Love

You get a free Sol Every Day

A Sol (also called a Sol Chip) is equal to 288 UPs. A person can hold up to 1 Sol at a time, never more.

Each user given ½ a Sol Chip twice a day if they have space to receive it. There are no restrictions on how you spend your Sol. You can UP it all on one song, you can UP 288 songs once. You can even UP songs you created. If you want to UP more in a day, Blue is the only way.

Why 288?
288 is also the amount of 5 minute voting cycles in the day, 200 in base 12 (12 x 12 x 2).


Cryptovoting Economy

Creators Earn BLU When People UP

A blue is worth 288 UPs. You can hold any amount of Blue.

All Sol UPs turn to Blue for the creators. Creators earn something valuable they can trade or vote.


Power to the People

PRP is Xchanged for BLU or FIAT / Crypto

There is no advertising on cXc Mapps. The only way to buy exposure on any Mapp exclusively with Purple. Paid marketing involves buying BLU directly from creators.

Purple can be used on any Mapp platform, unlike BLU and SOL which are unique to cXc music.

Purple shifts power back to the creator, giving them control over the system and an asset tradable for $$$.


Stats, Links, and Fans

Your profile is a marketing tool for your music.

All your online music in one place, and every chart you made it onto recorded in one place. You can show or hide these stats in your preferences.

Here's The Breakdown

Name, Title, and Location
Your artist name, title from the ambassador program, and default posting location.

From your Spotify profile, by default.

We show a few of your recent uploads, with a link to the rest. Users also have the ability to find only links to your music on there favorite place to listen. recent events you posted also show up.

Select social networks for musicians.

Popularity graphs your total UPS per time unit over an extended period of time. This line will track your progress from underground to mainstream. Or less underground.

Popularity Stats
Your profile has a variety of statistics. First off is your all time ranking, calculated by the total amount of UPs you have received. Current ranking shows your rank in the last 5 minute time unit. Last, you can see how many total time units you spent on the top 12 charts

Creator Stats
These stats show more about the impact you have had as a creator, including your reach, fans, Big Fans, and total UP and Big UP counts.

Changer Stats
These stats show how much impact you have had on cXc Music through your UPs.

Biggest Fans
The only way to become a Big Fan of an artist is to be a Big Fan of 6 of that artist's songs. You become a Big fan by Big UPing a song. So to become a Big Fan of an artist it takes a total of 3 days worth of Sol, or 3 Sol Chips. Your 12 biggest fans, those who have Big UPed your songs the most, will show up here.

Guardian Stats
Guardians moderate the system in exchange for Blue chips. If you have opted-in to the Guardian Program, your stats will show up here