Evolving music for an evolving world

For everyone.

A new platform where Music works better for all of us. 

Imagine all the world’s music on a map.

Imagine pointing to any city on the map and hearing only music from there.


Imagine that artists can be on top of the charts with no record label.

We think this is how music should be.

Easy. Post any song via a Youtube, Spotify, or Soundcloud link.

Learn about posting here.

Current X Change supercharges the media you already have online.
cXc Music is our first app.

Fast. Post, UP, and share music in just a few taps.

Share music by location, genre, or set a mood.

Simple. People will find your music.

Listeners and musicians from your area and around the world will UP (like) your music to grow your exposure from citywide to worldwide.


Relevant. A better system for better music.

Listeners’s UPs generate new charts every 5 minutes to show what music is popular right now in every locale, here and across the globe.

Evolutionary. Democratic.

This is the first time cryptovoting has been used in music. This system is the first of its kind, involving free time-limited UPs, accruable power[influence] for artists, and a tradable SMT.  Learn more.

By empowering creators of music, we the people get to decide collectively and democratically what is entering the mass consciousness at any time. 

Good people protect the integrity of the system. Guardians are regular users who flag and remove content, suggest changes to location, genre, mood and verify users. Learn more about the benefits of being a guardian here.

Make money with your music.

cXc Music uses time-released free votes to generate real currency for creators, the Purple Smart Media Token. [Learn about Purple]

Purple is a new global cryptocurrency.

The tradable Purple SMT (Smart Media Token) is built on the fast, free, and proven Steem blockchain.

Purple creates value that doesn’t come from money, it comes from attention put toward things you enjoy. Free time-limited UPs (likes) become valuable when they are voted, and creator gains these rewards.

Our geotemporal system unifies the planet around music, starting at a local level. Anybody with a free Steemit account can earn the Purple SMT and exchange it for other crypto or local currency.

Connect with the New World of music.

People can come together to create and popularize[] music, without the need for advertising or knowing an influencer.

Creators, no matter how big or small, can start making money (or accruing voting power if they prefer) just by having music that gets UPs.

Purple (PRP) is a Steem-based Smart Media Token. Purple SMT is like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency: it’s worth real money.

Frequently Asked Questions.

It already is!! The Alpha version of cXc Music is available at music.cxc.world. You can post your music right now!

We are currently working on the Beta, which will include US City, County, and State charts, and National charts for every country worldwide.

The cXc Music Beta release will also include Sol and Blue Chips (Learn more about cryptovoting) and the ability to become verified. 

When SMTs are released, we will incorporate PURPLE into the curation system.

cXc Music is available worldwide. Charts for each country will be included in the next update, but you may have to wait for true localized charts if you aren’t in the USA. 

We will be adding localized support for countries one by one based on usership.

The best way to get localized charts for your country is to show your fellow citizens cXc Music and post and UP music from your country.

Absolutely free!! In fact, you can earn crypto for your music, along with global exposure. 

Posting on cXc Music is always free, and when you get attention (UPs), you will earn rewards (Blue Chips [BLU]), redeemable for more promotion (UPs) or crypto (PRP).

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency. It’s called “cryptocurrency” because it uses a very secure form of cryptography to verify transactions. Cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology.
We use cryptocurrency to run our cryptovoting system.

Cryptovoting is voting using cryptographic technology. Our system uses a cryptocurrency called Purple (PRP). We call our votes UPs. 

Cryptovoting runs our geotemporal curation algorithms, which determine chart position of music worldwide.

Curation is based on UPs, which are limited by the user’s burning of Sol or Blue, measured in chips (1 chip = 288 UPs).

One Sol chip (288 Sol UPs) is given to each user per day as free curation power, and cannot be transferred or traded, nor can a user ever have more than one Sol chip.

Blue chips (288 Blue UPs) are gained when a user’s content gets Sol UPs from others, at 1:1 value.

Blue can be stored, voted, or traded for the Purple SMT (PRP), our cryptocurrency.

Here’s a 1 minute video explaining the system: Purple Cryptovoting explained 60 Seconds.

Geotemporal (or geo-temporal) means related to a place on Earth and time.

This concept is central to cXc Music, as UPs have geotemporal properties, the “geo” being the location of the content voted on, and “temporal” being the 5 minute time unit the vote is registered to.

The Purple SMT will be released soon after the SMT (Steem-based Smart Media Token) technology is released. Shortly after that, it will be integrated in the app as described here. Sign up below and we will let you know.

Purple SMT (PRP) is free of inflation, limited at 12⁷ (35,831,808) PRP.

Sol (the free, time-limited votes) and Blue (accruable voting power) will both experience inflation and deflation, as Sol disappears (is burnt) when it is voted, which creates Blue, and 5/12 of Blue disappears (is burnt) when voted.

Not directly. Purple will be exchangeable for STEEM early on, which is tradable for other crypto or fiat money. Eventually, we plan to add more PRP trading pairs including fiat money.

Only the owner of the Youtube, Soundcloud, or Spotify account will gain rewards (BLU) from the songs on cXc Music. So if they post your music, you will automatically get ALL the rewards your song has earned when you link your Youtube & Soundcloud accounts. 

Sure!! This is actually encouraged. Why? Because when you post music, any rewards will be given to the Youtube / Soundcloud account owner. So by posting other people’s music, you will be helping them out! When they start using cXc Music, they will automatically get all of the rewards (in Blue Chips) that their associated Youtube and Soundcloud accounts have earned.

You can also get a separate small reward in Blue for posting good music, even if it isn’t yours. Just be sure to set the correct location (The artist’s home base) genre, and mood when uploading.

cXc Music operates as a layer on top of these services, organizing their content. We don’t store anyone’s music, only links to the music on these services. 

When you make it on a chart, especially a large chart like a state or nation, you get all the exposure that comes with being the first thing people see when browsing that area.

You should see an increase in plays and traffic to your songs on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube. This may lead to attention from other musicians, venues, radio stations, record labels, etc. Anything could happen when more people hear your music.

In the app, you will earn more Blue Chips (BLU) because the exposure will get you more Sol UPs. You can use this BLU to further UP your song, getting higher on the charts, or save it for later, or convert it to PRP which you can then sell.

We are creating a digital layer that allows creative expressions to flow freely and meaningfully around the globe.

We believe that by fractalizing the distribution of media, information, ideas, and decision making, many problems of our society will no longer make energetic sense and will fade away as a new system of unity consciousness grows presence.

We will release native mobile apps (iOS and Android) when we have moved out of the Beta phase. We want to have all of the features fully functional, tested, proven, and improved before launching mobile apps so worldwide adoption goes smoothly.

In the meantime, the web app is (and will continue to be) completely functional on mobile. The Alpha version of the web app is online at music.cxc.world, with the beta coming soon to replace it.

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