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cXc Music is the greatest gift I can offer to empower your music and be heard around the world. I have spent four years refining this idea into the system it has become. cXc Music is the musical revolution we all want.

Welcome to the Revolution in Music Promotion, Distribution, and Charting.

cXc Music offers artists and listeners a new way to connect on a global and local level. When you post a song on cXc Music, anyone looking at your city on the app will see it.

Sample Hip Hop Display from my Home Town

Our revolutionary Mapp (map app) allows you to find and share music in your local area, or anywhere in the world. Our tools put you on the map, metaphorically and literally. Listeners: Find new and hot music made in your area. Artists: Share your music with the community instantly. cXc provides free tools to share your music, and climb to the top of the charts in your area code and beyond.

The cXc Music Mapp allows artists to geotag their Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube music on our map, as well as music events, giving local listeners an easy way to find new local music and music event. Listeners get to vote on the music they like and help the artists they love climb from local acts to global chart-toppers, all without record labels or Billboards. Artists get the exposure they really want and get their music out in their community with little effort. Listeners can easily find what music created in any area has the most buzz in each genre.

Medium List Display, one of three list displays.

The cXc chart system is run by the listeners and will replace billboard charts and change how you discover music and how artists become popular. The app generates top 12 charts (and beyond) from individual ZIP codes, cities, counties, areas states, nations and the whole world. New charts are generated every 5 minutes. When you travel to a new town you can quickly look at the top artists in your favorite genre and join in on musician-posted events.

For musicians and bands, cXc Music means a level playing field. You are the best in town? Prove it. You want to perform at a show? Throw it.Looking for local artists to collaborate with? Found it. cXc Music gives you the tools to do all this and more. What’s more? All the exposure you will get for your Youtube, Soundcloud, and Spotify brings you followers, plays, and lifelong fans.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to re-upload your entire catalogue on our platform. We just provide tools to organize and promote the music that’s already out there. Just link the music you have up online.

Here’s how the system works

cXc uses revolutionary triangular cryptovoting system called Purple. Users get one piece of free currency (a Sol) every day, equivalent to 288 votes, called UPs. When they vote this currency, the songs they vote on go up in the charts, and the artists collects a different currency, Blue (BLU). The difference between Sol and Blue is that a user can never have more than 1 Sol, so they can’t accrue voting power, but artists can collect as much Blue as they want, which has the same voting power, but doesn’t get transferred when voted.

These are the chips. L to R: Purple, Blue, and Sol. I know, I know, you totally couldn’t tell. In less obvious news, the “rays” from the Sol disappear as you UP content and reappear as your Sol regenerates.

But wait. There’s more.

The artist that collects these blue chips can then exchange them on an open exchange for a Steem-based Smart Media Token called purple(PRP). Purple is like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency: it’s worth real money. So basically, up-and-coming artists can get paid for promoting their music, instead of the other way around. Really, dude.

Purple is valuable because it allows anyone to promote their work locally and globally. If you think you will make it if you just would get some exposure, you can buy your way to the top of a chart for your literal 15 minutes of fame via blue. The money you spend goes to artists, because the blue is bought from the artists, not cXc. So, all the “advertising” dollars on the platform go directly to musicians. Even better, the system contains economic limits on how many paid votes are even possible, so the people always have true power over the charts.

cXc Music is just the beginning for cXc and PurplecXc Media will house similar media MappscXc VideocXc Lit (Literature), cXc Art (Photos, graphics and more), cXc News, and cXc Games. Outside of cXc MediacXc Solutions will provide a platform for people around the Globe to come together to solve problems. cXc Pueblo provides a framework for municipalities to give their citizens a voice. Beyond cXc, any developer can code their own Mapp using Purple with our open source framework coming soon to

Read the Purple Paper (white paper for Purple/cXc)

Want to learn more about how the system works, or invest in Purple before its worth a gazillion dollars? To learn all about the cXc and help out visit To learn more about investing in purple visit We are currently recruiting ambassadors of cXc/Purple. You can purchase purple at the pre-sale starting November 11.

Want to be the first to get the app before everyone has it? Sign up for our mailing list on to get the alpha version when it is released.

Love will prevail in this battle for the mind and heart of Earth. 
Together we can share our love. 
Together we can unify. 
Together We Are Earth.

Let’s get there together

Learn about our Ambassador Program and our Bounty-ful Program

Love & Light,

Douglas James
Founder & Chief Visionary
Current X Change LLC

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