Welcome to the token release of purple (PRP).

BREAKING: We cancelled our public ICO. And that’s great news for everyone.

To stick with our primary goal of empowering creators worldwide, we have decided to cancel the public token sale until further notice. Instead, we are giving away PRP. Really. 

cXc was manifested in the spirit of unity, love, and collaboration. We believe we are all one, and we are all going the same place. The system is a catalyst for worldwide love, and we are showing some love (and receiving some) by letting you earn PRP for sharing your excitement about Current X Change, Purple cryptovoting system, and cXc Music.

Excerpt from Bountiful Program page

We also have decided to change the reward structure of our Bountiful Program, allowing people to earn precise rewards for their actions. We want make it so that people get paid quickly for their actions, so they can use the PRP without waiting for the program to end. We also are removing the time limit, instead just capping the rewards in each category, so you can earn until it’s all gone. See the page for more info.

This cancellation is also, in part, due to the delays of the release of SMTs, which make it hard for us to fulfill our promises of app integration by Jun 21.  Instead of buying tokens, artists, programmers, and enthusiasts can earn tokens through actions. We are happy about this, as early Changers will get the power, (not greedy investors) and we can focus on bettering the cXc Music application instead of attracting investors.

Here’s how PRP works.

Purple (PRP) is a Smart Media Token (SMT). Purple will allow you to purchase votes from artists to promote your (or any) music to the top of the charts. Learn More About Cryptovoting.

Total Supply of PRP: 35,851,808 (or 12^7)

Support for SMTs on the Steem blockchain was supposed to be launched on March 24, 2019, but the release date is now unclear. Because we have indefinitely postponed our public PRP sale, the only way to get PRP is through our Bountiful Program. There you can earn PRP for various actions and contribution.

But I’m a whale and want to invest!!

In the spirit of actually needing some money, we are going to accept up to 12 whales that want to make a significant contribution. This is a one-time opportunity, and is not taken lightly by our team. We want investors that actually believe in what we are doing, not just see huge profit potential.

Each interested investor must have an interview with our founder (me), where we will talk about our shared goals to improve the Earth experience, and I will listen to ideas you have, and share my visions of a bright future.

In return for your genuine interest, we will let you choose how 2/3 of the money is spent within the company, with the remaining being at our discretion. Message me to talk.

PRP on Exchanges

Shortly after the SMT release you will be able to exchange PRP for Steem / SBD on various exchanges. We will have more information on this as it comes in. We plan to exchange some PRP at a rate of 1 PRP to USD in Steem.

We plan to sell some of the companies portion of PRP

Thank you for being a part of something Earth-changing!!

Love & Light,
Douglas James

Disclaimer: By receiving PRP, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our token purchase agreement.