Welcome to the token release of purple (PURPLE).

We have changed our ICO to better reflect our mission.

To stick with our primary goal of empowering creators worldwide, we have decided to cancel the public token sale until further notice (more info below). Instead, we are giving away PRP  for becoming verified on our apps and as a reward for in-app activities, starting with cXc Music.

cXc was manifested in the spirit of unity, love, and collaboration. We believe we are all one, and we are all going the same place. The system is a catalyst for worldwide love, and we are showing some love (and receiving some) by letting you earn PRP for sharing your excitement about Current X Change, Purple cryptovoting system, and cXc Music.

Excerpt from Bountiful Program page

We also have decided to change the reward structure of our Bountiful Program, allowing people to earn precise rewards for their actions. We want make it so that people get paid quickly for their actions, so they can use the PRP without waiting for the program to end. We also are removing the time limit, instead just capping the rewards in each category, so you can earn until it’s all gone. See the page for more info.

This cancellation is also, in part, due to the delays of the release of SMTs, which made it impossible to fulfill our promises of app integration by Jun 21. 

What does PURPLE do?

Purple (symbol PURPLE) is a Smart Media Token (SMT). Purple will allow you to purchase votes from artists to promote your (or any) music to the top of the charts. Learn More About Cryptovoting. We are proud that PURPLE has direct promotional utility that helps to reward artists and creators, and puts 100% of the money for promotion in the hands of those creators.

Total Supply of PRP: 35,851,808 (or 12^7)

Support for SMTs on the Steem blockchain was supposed to be launched on March 24, 2019, but as of October, we only now have the testnet. We are moving forward once the mainnet is live.

But I want to invest in PURPLE!!

We are planning to offer a relatively small amount (1/12 total supply) of PURPLE for sale for excited people who want in. We are doing this instead of a full ICO. We can’t place a date yet, as SMTs are still in the works, but you can follow @CurrentXChange on Steemit for the latest news.

PURPLE on Exchanges

Shortly after the SMT release you will be able to exchange PURPLE for Steem / SBD on various exchanges. PURPLE’s listing on trading platforms is guarunteed as a SMT, and we plan to expand to more exchanges as time goes on. We will publish more information on exact procedure in the docs when PURPLE becomes available.

Thank you for being a part of something Earth-changing!!

Infinite Love,
Douglas James Butner
Founder of Current X Change

Important: PURPLE is the same token we previously announced as PRP. We have decided to proceed with the symbol PURPLE.

Disclaimer: By receiving PURPLE, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our token purchase agreement.