Welcome to the token release of purple (PRP).

Here’s how it works.

PRP is a Smart Media Token (SMT). The blockchain for SMTs doesn’t get launched until March 24, 2019, so we can’t deliver PRP until the end of the ICO. You have two options to reserve your PRP today: join our Kickstarter, or purchase a ERC20 called PRPE that will be redeemable for PRP after the ICO.

PRPE will work seamlessly with the app just like real purple (PRP), but on the backend we will burn the PRPE and give the recipient real PRP from our (Current X Change’s) account. We guarantee PRPE support in-app until June 21, 2024.

Non-US Citizens

For people not from the United States, you can purchase Purple Ether (PRPE), a set-value ERC20 token that is worth 1:1 in purple (PRP) set value. After the ICO, we will provide an address you can send your PRPE to receive PRP at your chosen Steemit username.

Purchase Purple Ether here

US Citizens or Anyone Else

If you live in the US, you can still support the project through our Kickstarter page. We are not allowed to distribute PRP as a reward, but we are re-working the campaign some other rewards to get you involved and give you an opportunity to get some awesome limited edition gear and special promotion on the app.

Link to our Kickstarter Page

By purchasing you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our token purchase agreement.

Thank you for being a part of something Earth-changing!!

Love & Light,
Douglas James