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cXc Music

Running on Purple Cryptovoting

by Current X Change LLC

On the cXc Music Mapp, users can share their music from Spotify, Youtube, and Soundcloud on a global map. On the map, dots appear representing the music. Brightness of the dots depends on how many UPs their content has received. 


Musicians have a hard time getting exposure without buying it. Listeners have to search find new music they want to hear without asking a friend or jumping to a playlist. Youtube and Spotify’s autoplay algorithms are terrible, and SoundCloud is just okay. Finding local music events means seeing a flyer IRL or online, or ending up at the right spot. Great music is made everywhere, but the systems that run music distribution are centralized and favor a few chosen artists.


Geotagging music and events and putting them on a global map allows people to load a city and hear the best music created there, plus see all the events happening tonight. Top Charts for every genre in every zip code ensures listeners can find high quality local music and artists get a fair chance for exposure. Cryptovoting runs the chart system, and artists that receive votes can trade them in for extra exposure on the app or crypto / FIAT.

The Chips


A Sol is a free votable currency that you spend by UPing content on cXc.

Each user can have 1 Sol Chip max, and receives up to 1/2 Sol free every 12 hours.

A Sol is worth 288 UPs.


Blue is a votable currency earned by creators receiving votes on their content.

When a user Sol UPs a song, the creator recieves it in BLU.

A Blue is worth 288 UPs.


Purple is a Smart Media Token (SMT) that bridges the voting system with crypto & FIAT. PRP is traded with BLU, allowing creators to earn and purcasers to vote.

A purple is worth X amount of Blue Chips.


Mapp = Mapping App that incorporates Purple

cXc = Name used for Mapps created by Current X Change LLC

cXc Music = The first Mapp to use Purple, part of cXc Media

Guardians = Moderators of the system paid in BLU

Creators = Users of a Mapp who post content

Changers = Users of a Mapp who vote

Purple = The cryptovoting system including PRP, BLU, and SOL

purple or purple chip = Steemit-based cryptocurrency token

Blue or blue chip = The intermediary voting chip, worth 288 SolUPs

Sol or Sol chip = The free voting chip worth 288 UPs, limited at one max per account, refilled ½ every 12 hours

UP  = One vote, equivalent to 1/288 of a Sol Chip (Sol UP) or Blue Chip (Blue UP)

BigUp = 144 SolUPs voted at one time, has special meaning

TU = Time Unit. The smallest unit of time, a 5-minute Monad. Everything on the site is controlled by these monads

Big Fan (Of Song) = Person who voted 2 Big Ups on a song

Big Fan (Of Artist) = Person who is a Big Fan of 6 songs (Or other content for cXc Media Suite) from one artist

cXc Media = Suite of Mapps by cXc including cXc Music, cXc Video, cXc Lit (Literature), cXc Art, cXc News, and cXc Games

cXc Solutions = Solution sharing Mapp

cXc Ideas = Idea Sharing Mapp

cXc Pueblo = Municipality management mapp framework. Each municipality can have their own app (e.g. cXc New York City) that they build on top of cXc Pueblo.


Higher Vision

We see a world where people can open up their souls to each other, as one, co-creating a reality of love.


Our vision is to create a system that reflects the universal love we all are a part of, giving each person on the planet a chance to let their love shine through creating, and empowering creators to create more awesome.


To spread content democratically and facilitate the transfer of meaningful power to creators of art, music, media, information, and ideas.



Triangular Currency


Localized Charts


Belief in a Positive Future


Empowering people empowering people

Or simply

Power To The People

Fractal Information Propagation 

System Overview

When you vote, you are changing the system. You control what gets attention on cXc Mapps.

The people decide what is seen by placing their attention, UPs, on content. The cumulative attention

(in UPs) leads to the content getting more exposure. Local attention leads to worldwide exposure.


We are inspired by love, creators, the future, the here now, Avatar, and change.



ICO Price: .8 – 1 USD / PRP

Presale Price: .6 USD / PRP

Total Tokens: 12^7 (35,831,808)

Tokens for Sale: 50% (17,915,904)

Blockchain: Steem (SMT)

Private Pre-sale: Sept. 22, 2018

Public Pre-sale: Nov. 11, 2018

ICO: Dec 21 to June 21 2019


Douglas James || Alec Wantoch || Nathan Friend || Nico Kouri || Zachary Pelkey

white paper:

Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium: currentXchange

Power To The People