Privacy Policy

In this document, “we” refers to Current X Change LLC and legal representatives of any attached service. “You” refers to any user of the system or owner of content that ends up on the system. PRP refers to the SMT called Purple, with the symbol PRP, on the Steem blockchain.

cXc Music Alpha Privacy Notice

At the time of this writing, absolutely nothing on cXc Music is private. This is the nature of the app. In short, nothing is private, so operate in this knowledge. Everyone in the world can see what you post. Also, we cannot prevent your music you post on Youtube, Soundcloud, or Spotify from being posted on the app. The app cannot share music that is not public on these services, so if you wish your music to be hidden from cXc Music, simply change the settings on those services away from Private.

Steemit Note (applies to cXc Music)

The person who shares content on Steemit is the one who will receive any rewards from the Steem blockchain. Each piece of content can (at this time)  be shared multiple times, meaning if someone posts your music video, they will get the rewards, just as if they had simply shared the Youtube link. We suggest posting your music on cXc Music on Steemit as well.

Storage of Data and Information

We propagate your public content and attach our Purple metadata, we do not store data. We can only publicize your data from third party services. If you wish for your music not to enter our systems, you must remove it from other sites or change the privacy away from “public.”

Your public content may be added to the system by any user. The associated owner of the content is entitled to any rewards generated by this content. Our system does not discern the true creator of the content, only the account owner. The account owner is paid all dividends through linking their cXc Account with their Youtube accounts.

Our system moderators, called Guardians on the system, are responsible for determining the true owner of content. We are not responsible for the decisions of guardians, only for facilitating their decision making power. We are not obligated to honor any requests on your behalf that you are the true owner of the content.

If we do decide to make a decision about your ownership of any disputed content, or content that has been flagged by a moderator, our decision will be acted. You are free to submit requests of ownership multiple times if denied unjustly. We will accept any ownership claim that had a part in creating or who owns the right of the final product. It is not our responsibility to be knowledgeable of any parties relationships, previous or future agreements with other parties.

Data we do store

In our database, we store some publicly available information about your content taken from the public title, permalink, the content ID on the third-party service, and similar publicly available information about the author on those services. If you update the information on  those services, it may not be updated in our Database, as we store the information when we get it and do not currently check for updates.

Honoring Third Party to Third Party Contracts

We are not responsible for honoring your contracts (Meaning traditional contracts between creators, record labels, etc) when it comes to the accumulation of PRP by account owners. We do provide system to split the revenue of creations between accounts on the system. According to our belief, you are operating in an ecosystem separate from the econosphere of dollars, and any contract involving money is invalid, as our system solely provides the means for the distribution of our three currencies including purple. We are not involved in the transfer of our SMT for money, only third party exchanges.

We are not responsible for paying any party any money that may be collected by an account that is not the true owner of the content. This account will accumulate currency without our effort or knowledge, as part of an algorithm. If the guardians (the moderators of cXc Mapps) declare that a content is owned by an account, their decision will be treated as fact on the system. If this moderation is a beneficiary change, the change in currency ownership of the account will change in the next time unit’s distribution, and does not apply to the Blue accumulated in another time.

We are not obligated and cannot reward you the BLU you may be owed due to the time a false-owner version of your content spends on the system. In the case of an account that acquires BLU but is never claimed, Guardians may choose to award this account holder in the event of destruction of the account.

All data pertaining to the popularity are taken from publicly available resources or calculated from usage of the Purple Cryptovoting System. All relationships of data are suggested by guardians, including the account owner. Any linkage of content and accounts is up to Guardians.

We do not guarantee to accept any request for content to be removed. Once a piece of content is on the system, it will receive BLU proportional to SOL votes received. There is no way to opt-out of a user or piece of content receiving BLU Content may be removed at any time by Guardians. Guardians are not agents of Current X Change LLC, and we cannot accept responsibility or give or approval of these actions. All we can do is enforce the set of rules that govern what guardians can decide. To learn more about the role of guardians, read the Purple Paper.

We do not offer the ability to hide content from our services by choice, though content may be permanently removed by guardians. Hiding content can be accomplished by removing the public status from the site you uploaded the content to.

Privacy of Purple ownership

Purple ownership by Steemit accounts is public information and will be treated as such. It is possible to remain anonymous with an anonymous Steemit account, but the ownership of PRP by this account will be public information. This is the same as the public knowledge of the value of any Steemit account. We will not honor any request to hide your ownership of PRP, as we could not if we wanted to. We believe public knowledge of the ownership of PRP is necessary to keep the system fair and transparent.