This document, along with our terms and Purple Paper, serve to help you make an informed decision about your purchase of purple (PRP).

Summary of Offering Terms

Purple is a utility token that is usable on all cXc apps outlined in our white paper. We do not provide any other guarantee or suggestion of the value of purple outside of this use.

Information on purchasing Purple can be found here.


This is not an offer or solicitation to buy any digital assets or securities. Purple is a token whose functionality is integral to our applications as described in this paragraph. Current X Change does not promise to to make money for its investors, investors being those who purchase the purple Smart Media Token (SMT) or an equivalent. Any financial gain by the market rate of purple increasing is a result of the use of the applications using Purple, which is limited by nature and increased demand will naturally make it more valuable. Purple seeks to provide the owners (including earners and investors) the power to promote media and other informational content on the Mapps (Mapps meaning Mapping Applications produced by Current X Change LLC) defined in this whitepaper, including but not limited to cXc Music, cXc Video, cXc Lit, cXc Art, cXc News, cXc Games, cXc Ideas, cXc Solutions, and cXc Pueblo.


Use your best judgment and consider your goals for this incarnation before investing energy or assets in anything. This document can be changed at any time without notice. You are responsible for complying with local jurisdictional laws and regulations. You are responsible for being the being you want to be.


You are responsible for keeping your private key(s) safe. You are also responsible for providing the correct public key to receive your funds. You are responsible for any loss in tokens from misappropriating your private key(s), using a faulty wallet, or any other technical consideration outside of the control of Current X Change LLC.


Purchasing purple does not grant voting power in Current X Change LLC, or any other organization. PRP can be exchanged for BLU to be used as voting power on incorporating applications. PRP does not hold any voting power by itself until exchanged for the internal token “Blue” at market rate. The amount of voting power purple can be exchanged for fluctuates over time and is different for every application utilizing a Purple cryptovoting system. We cannot and do not guarantee Purple to be worth any specific amount of currency or votes in any application at any future time.

Risk Factors

There are always risk factors when investing in tokens and cryptocurrencies. The value and utility of PRP is based on the success of the cXc applications. You accept the risk that these applications may be of any level of success when you purchase PRP.

Description of Company and Management

Current X Change LLC is owned and managed by Douglas James Butner, a resident of Maryland, United States. Current X Change LLC is a sole-proprietorship registered in Accident, Maryland.

Use of Proceeds

Money from this sale will go to the development of the applications, holding events related to cXc Music (the first application to be launched), marketing, paying salaries, renting office space, legal council, and other unforeseen expenses.

If less than 500,000 USD is raised, all proceeds will go to the development of the app.


Description of Token

Purple (PRP) is a Smart Media Token (SMT) on the Steem blockchain. The SMT technology goes live on March 24 of 2019. Learn more about SMT tech here:


Investing Procedure

Information on purchasing Purple can be found here.


Please review these documents to further your purchasing decision.

White Paper

One Pager


This document was written by Douglas James Butner.