How can we take back music?

How can a mapping application save the future? The potential power of cXc Mapps and Purple.

“Take back the Knowledge, take back the Power”

Lyrics from my Hero, Mike Love

Purple empowers a democratic vote in a revolutionary way, giving the people the power to control what comes down the pipelines to their ears, eyes, and municipalities, not corporations or government entities.

Current X Change provides a revolutionary solution to how we listen to our music, consume our media, spread our ideas, and come to a consensus as a society.

Screenshot of cXc Music

Why We Need Purple

We believe that by reviving democracy and removing barriers to information and idea propagation, many problems of our society will no longer make energetic sense and will fade away while the new system of democracy grows a presence.

Purple generates value differently, with time. Time, combined with a free votable currency that has no monetary value until it is voted, creates a system that is similar to life itself. The Sun gives us its love each day, and we can choose to spend our time sharing our love with others. If we share that love with others, we grow together. If we don’t, the love is unmanifest and fades away. Either way, the Sun still shines the next day, giving us another chance to share our love.

This isn’t just a coin

Purple is the revolution we have been waiting for to free us from the hierarchical control of large corporations and bureaucracy.

cXc Music (Link)

Problem: The music industry controls what music is popular. Musicians have a hard time getting exposure without buying it. Listeners aren’t able to find new music they want to hear without asking a friend or jumping to a playlist. Finding local music events means seeing a flyer IRL or online, or ending up at the right spot. Great music is made everywhere, but the systems that run music distribution are centralized and favor a few chosen artists.

Mock-up of the cXc Music Mobile app. The web app is now online @

Solution: Geotagging music and events and putting them on a global map allows people to load a city and hear the best music created there, plus see all the events happening tonight. Top Charts for every genre in every zip code, city, county, area, state, region, and nation ensures listeners can find high-quality local music and artists get a fair chance for exposure. Cryptovoting runs the chart system, and artists that receive votes can trade them in for exposure on the app or crypto / FIAT.

The Future

cXc Media

The entire cXc Media suite, [including cXc MusiccXc VideocXc Lit (Literature, including Poetry, Opinions, Fiction, Nonfiction, Drama), cXc Art (including Photos, Illustrations, Installations, 3d Models, Crafts), cXc News, and cXc Games,] solves the same problem of exposure for artists and creators. Through empowering the artists, we empower the planet. We take people’s attention away from the illusion of evil and the illusion of lack, and remind the consciousness of this planet that love is everything everywhere and we live when we give, we care when we share, and we elate when we create.

cXc Solutions & cXc Pueblo (Future cXc Mapps)

Solving Real World Problems With Democracy

In the not-so-distant future, we will launch applications built on the Purple/cXc infrastructure that will allow people to share solutions on the Mapp. Quickly. Efficiently. Transparently.

In cXc Pueblo, citizens of a municipality declare problems and allow every person to solve the problem by posting a solution to a map. The populace can use their vote to express their desires to the governing municipality, without the need for a single decision or directive of an elected leader. People can come together to materialize these solutions with funding gained through the app (Both Pueblo and Solutions allow fundraising).

Photo by rawpixel

Sol Chips and Blue Chips are unique to the Current X Change platform. When we are creating Mapps that deal with real-world issues, we can create tokens unique to that purpose. The purple chip will still be used, as it holds the mapping systems together, paying the content creators. The system is still Purple. The unique tokens will operate similarly in each application. How similar is up to the application. We can piggyback on top of the technology used map and display the content.

When using Purple for social issues in the cXc Solutions app, we create a new free voting chip and intermediary chip, as well as modify how the charting system works as well as the voting potential of the purple chip. We can create custom displays for these solutions, showing the votes purely from the populace (free daily chips only), and the votes including votes bought with intermediary chips. This transparency allows a voice from the populace, and a voice from a paying populace that is paying the creators of solutions, not the politicians.

The goal of Purple integration is to financially reward solution creators for their solutions when they gain popularity, or provide a means to fund solutions, or both, depending on the rules set up by the Mapp. This incentivizes people to come up with solutions for problems and put them up on the system. As the populous votes for the solutions, the people who create solutions will receive many intermediary chips (like blue chips), which they will be able to sell for Purple, in a similar system of exchange that is found on the cXc Music and other cXc Mapps.

For each cXc Pueblo application, the municipality or other government defined area can have their own set of voting rules and procedures. These rules can include a minimum percentage to pass, subsets of voters (i.e. only affected voters), times votes take place, time virtual polls are open, etc. Each municipality or group will have their own type of Purple-compatible chips, similar to Blue and Sol. This is revolutionary, putting people directly in charge of their lives and surroundings.

Once we create the system to allow this for one community or municipality integrating it to any interested municipality will be very easy.

cXc Ideas

Ever have a really good idea? How far did the idea go? Chances are you have a few truly world-changing ideas, but they don’t get the light they deserve. cXc Ideas is a simple platform where people can share ideas on a variety of topics, giving them a chance to fly freely. Acknowledging that ideas have their own life and are not property is a huge ideological step for Humans. cXc Ideas lets us share our ideas freely and empower the great ideas of others. We can then accept that ideas exist all over the universe, and we are tapping in to universal knowledge to come up with these ideas (where do you think Purple came from?).

Mischief Managed

Empowering people is the goal of cXc. We will continue to bring this goal into reality through creating these apps and thinking up more. We will start with cXc Music, and soon allow anyone to incorporate a Purple voting system in their own application. We are very excited about cXc Music, and look forward to attending events and listening to local music all around the world!!

Add your music to cXc Music today!

How to Post!! (Youtube Link)

Love will prevail in this battle for the mind and heart of Earth. 
Together we can share our love. 
Together we can unify.

Together We Are Earth.

Let’s get there together

Love & Light,

Douglas James
Founder & Chief Visionary
Current X Change LLC

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