Current X Change

Take Control over what you see.

cXc Music uses democratic, geographic and
temporal algorithms to chart music.

Time to love

A media distribution system for the people. For the creators. For forever.

cXc apps use time-released free votes to curate charts and generate currency for creators. 

The revolution will not be televised

Listeners and musicians from your area and around the world will UP (like) your music to grow your exposure from citywide to worldwide.


Welcome to the

Revolution in Information Propagation

Starting with cXc Music

Votes Matter

Local attention leads to worldwide exposure. The people decide what is seen by showing their love in UPs (votes). UPs on a song lead to more exposure on the app. With location-based charts, any small-town act can grow quickly in the town, gaining exposure in wider areas through reputation, not advertising or record deals.


cXc makes mapping applications (Mapps) that display creative content. On the cXc Music Mapp, users can share their music on a global map. On the map dots appear representing the music. Brightness and size of the dots depends on how many UPs their content has received.


Songs on local charts grow to larger charts, cities, states, and nations, like leaves grow to branches, and branches to the trunk of the tree. Each song has equal opportunity to grow on this fractal propagation system.

Triangular Currency System

cXc Mapps use a revolutionary curation system called Purple. Purple is the first system to use granular time-based votes. The system is based on a Smart Media Token called purple (PRP). Sol is time-distributed, and Blue is earned by creators who receive those votes. Blue can be Xchanged PRP, but Sol is free and can't be sent or traded.

New Ma+h

You will see base 12 as an integral part of cXc and Purple. Time units are 5 minutes (12 an hour, 288 a day), and each Sol and Blue chip are worth 288 votes, or 200 in Base-12. Every 12 hours (12x12 time units) users are given 1/2 Sol (12x12 UPs), if they have space to receive it. By using base 12 we are able to easily split a Sol or Blue chip into third, quarter, and half.

How a Mapp works

All cXc applications are Mapps


rise and shine!!

When a user posts content on the Mapp, it shows up at their default location, or a location they specify. The content is then listed immediately on the “Most Recent” display. When the content gets voted UP, it will appear in the Top 12 Chart (and searches ordered “By UPS”). As music gets voted up a local chart, it will start to appear on the Top 12 for larger areas, like cities, states, and worldwide. 


cXc Music (Alpha)

cXc Music is now online! In this early version, you can post your music on the map, share it on Social Media and post any song to Steemit with an auto-generated post! We also have a simplified UPing system that is tied into Steemit’s Ups.

The current Alpha version is missing the full curation system, but all the music posted will be curated when the system goes into place, so post your music now to get to the top of the charts early!!

Check out the cXc Music below!

If you find you can’t scroll past the map, use the scroll bar on the side to keep going.

Prefer Linear?

Meet List Display

Expanded Display allows you to play music with one click
Medium Display gives links to the content
Chart Display shows many songs at once

More Mapps

Connecting the world one Mapp at a time. 

After cXc Music in 2019, Current X Change will release cXc Music starting in 2020.

cXc Media includes cXc Music, cXc Video, cXc Lit (Literature, including Poetry, Opinions, Fiction, Nonfiction, Drama & more), cXc Art (including Photos, Illustrations, Installations, 3d Models, Crafts & more), cXc News, and cXc Games. cXc Media applications operate in a similar way to cXc Music, incorporating Purple and a similar Mapp interface. 

Beyond cXc Media, cXc will release cXc Ideas, cXc Pueblo, and cXc Solutions starting in 2021. These three applications are designed to help save the planet by empowering those who wish to make a positive impact.

All cXc Mapps use Purple, the same mapping system, and incorporate third party content only.


Mapps give content a new life. Mapps allow information and media to propagate with highest benefit to both the creator of content and the consumer. This system of exposure is designed to work flawlessly forever, and to work with third parties, not in competition. 

Even More Mapps

We see many more Mapps in the future. Education, healthcare, community gatherings, solution generation, and any purpose that the principles of sharing applies. The possibilities are endless, as soon anyone will be able to make a Mapp that will be able to integrate into Purple.

The Power of Purple

Meet the Chips

Sol Chip[600]


A Sol is a free votable currency that you spend by UPing content on cXc. Each user can have 1 Sol Chip max, and receives up to 1/2 Sol free every 12 hours.

One Sol is worth 288 UPs.
Blue Chip[600]


Blue is a votable currency earned by creators receiving votes on their content. When a user Sol UPs a song, the creator receives the same value in BLU. 

One Blue is worth 288 UPs.
Purple Icosohedron[600]


Purple is a Steem-based Smart Media Token that bridges the voting system with crypto & FIAT. PRP is traded with BLU, allowing creators to earn and purcasers to vote.

A purple is worth X amount of Blue Chips.

How Cryptovoting Works

About the Purple Token (PRP)

PRP is a Smart Media Token on the Steem blockchain

Max Supply: 35,851,808
ICO Price: 1USD = 1 PRP
Pre-sale Price: 0.60 USD = 1 PRP

We have decided make our ICO radically different, and are giving PURPLE away for free to users of cXc Music.
Learn More

cXc Mapp Release Dates

cXc Music Web App ~Launched~
(Dec 18, 2019)

cXc Music Mobile App ~Postponed*~
(Summer 2019)

cXc Media
Adds cXc Video, cXc Lit, cXc Art, cXc News, and cXc Games

cXc Ideas

cXc Solutions

cXc Pueblo

* –  A native mobile app has been pushed back until cXc Music goes fully live. We are currently moving from Alpha to Beta, but we may have another version after Beta before going fully live. 

Are you with us?

Calling All Creators, Changers, and Revolutionaries

Do you see the vision? Do you feel the vibrations from the future telling you this is a really good idea? Apply to become an ambassador*. As an ambassador you will be an autonomous promoter of Purple and Current X Change, including promoting and getting early release access to the app.

You will be rewarded with the opportunity to earn purple for every referral you make that purchased purple pre-ICO. You will also be able to buy purple at a slightly lower rate than the general public. 

All are welcome to take place in the bounty program. The bounty program includes promotional actions like social sharing, referring ambassadors, writing code, and creative rewards for posting about cXc. We also have contests worth thousands in PRP.

* - We are currently re-defining our bounty program, and will post an update on our Steemit blog when it re-launches. In the meantime, you can still follow the link below to apply.
purple rewarded to ambassadors & bounty hunters

Lets keep in touch

Stay Up With cXc

Glance the One Pager to get familiar with our goals and basic technology.

Read the Purple Paper to dive deep into the vision of the new democratic world.

Read our articles (Top menu)

Check out the Our Plans cXc Music to learn more about how cXc Music and other cXc Mapps work

And of course, try out cXc Music (Alpha)


Here’s some links that will help you out. 

Become an Ambassador

Join the Bountiful Program!!

Apply to be a Team Member

Apply to be an Advisor

..and here is a list of things you can do to help us out!!

You can earn purple, Xchange for purple, or buy purple. 

You can earn purple through our bounty and  ambassador programs. You can also earn purple for helping the launch of cXc Music and the Purple ICO 

You can Xchange for purple by trading blue you earn on any cXc app for purple. 

You can buy purple with ETH, BTC, Steem Dollars, USD and EUR here (link available during pre-sale). 

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Meet The Team

We are seeking team members for event planning, marketing, operations, iOS & Android development, and administrative roles.
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Douglas James Butner

Founder / Chief Visionary
I am the visionary behind Current X Change. On a journey of self discovery, I learned the only way to be my true self was to unconditionally give away the essence of the universe, love. I built this system so that we all can give our love to each other, and build a new world from there.

I love creating in a variety of ways. I am a conscious rapper, prolific fractal and graphic artist, teacher, and geek. I have been designing apps since I was 16, coding and launching a social networking site by myself in PHP/MySQL while still in high school. I also run Aquarius Academy, a project dedicated to helping people open up to universal consciousness.

Seeing the end makes the journey much easier, and experiences as the light have given me the knowledge that all is good and all is love. This message of love has transformed my life and allowed me to focus this love in the biggest and brightest ways I can imagine.

Nathan Friend

Full-Stack Developer
I am a full-time Full-Stack Web Applications Developer, as well as the IQ Department Manager, at Ironistic.com. After spending more than ten years in the Communications and Information Technologies field, I have spent the last 8 years with a focus and passion toward Web Application Development, Database Management, Advanced Program Interface Architectures, all while maintaining an ongoing education of new standards and best practices. I have a collective of 16 years of experience in the Information Technology Field. From concept to creation to ongoing evolution, I have been involved in Web projects ranging from all sizes of organizations and encompassing a wide variety of Industries.

I have experience in the following platforms and languages including but not limited to: PHP, VB, C#, HTML, HTML5, AngularJS 1.x, NodeJS, Laravel5, Zend Framework, Ionic, Cordova/Phonegap, jQuery, MySQL, Javascript, WordPress, SQL, Parse, Bootstrap, Foundation, CSS, SASS, LESS, LAMP, MAMP, Microsoft Internet Information Services, and a variety of Softwares, Public Cloud Based Services and Advanced Program Interfaces.

My experience includes working on projects for organizations such as Outdoor Advertising Association of America, American Society of Civil Engineers, The Washington Auto Show, Toyota Financial Services, Republic Airlines, and the Washington Redskins.

The non-working me:
When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am a sucker for continuing education and spend a great deal of my off time strengthening my skill set as a professional. I am a 23-year musician and enjoy playing guitar, piano, drums, bass guitar, singing, kazoo, rain stick, spoons, etc….
alec wantoch

Alec Wantoch

Security / Blockchain / Full Stack Developer
I am a Computer Scientist that seeks to change the world for the better through the proper use of technology. I believe in practicality over purity when it comes to choice of technology; results are the most important thing, and leveraging the right tools is key. My goal is to provide effective and affordable technology services/products that will be reliable for years to come.

My current interests lie in Blockchain, DAG, and other distributed ledger technologies, specifically applied to cyber security.

I have been working with computers since I could remember, and I have been programming since I was 12 years old. This was also when I first discovered Linux, which began the foundation of the skills I have today. My skills were honed further in when I enrolled in a Technical College High School during 10th - 12th grade and subsequently my journey through Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. I am constantly improving and expanding my "bag of tricks" to ensure I stay ahead of the game and am highly driven in doing so. My biggest strengths are my problem solving and leadership skills -- I am able to dive into foreign code-bases with relative ease and architect solutions with well timed execution.
zachary pelkey

Zach Pelkey

Blockchain / Software Developer
Zach Pelkey is a software developer at Thought Network. His field of study is computer science and he has advanced knowledge in several programming languages including C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python and Ruby. Pelkey is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. Zachary has experience building wallets, blockchain solutions and React.js based web applications.

Nicolas Kouri (Collageno)

Graphic Artist / Designer
This knowledge lover explores many branches of science and artistic disciplines. After he created his clothing brand b’ Cray, he started his artistic exploration in digital collage and glitch art. This exploration led him to collective art exhibitions in NY and Regina. He also was part of The Wrong - new digital art biennale in the embassy of Peru and Spain. His works can be found in Making the Cut Vol. 1: The World's Best Collage Artists and in his personal VR gallery on Void Contemporary Art Gallery, app from Google Playstore. He also created the concept “Collageno”, an organic software that integrates art, science, religion and philosophy by an creative investigation about the universe and its parts. This software can be perceived as light or sound, depending on the length of the waves that the art piece propagates. This system can be adopted by any person.